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Ben Dover Exclusive! BGT star appears in HARDCORE SEX FILM!

Geisha Davis certainly stood out on a recent audition for Britain's Got Talent. The 28 year old performer from London told Ant and Dec "I am an artist. Geisha means artist of all arts. It's my full time life. As an artist, all the paints I would have put into a massive painting I have put it on the outside. Simon wants something unique... I am unique!"

She took to the stage to sing Humpty Dumpty but in a very scary manner, while jumping and dancing about the stage.

The whole act was very dark and Alesha Dixon wasn't a fan, buzzing quickly and soon followed by David Walliams.

Geisha Davis: ‘I push boundaries with my performance’

Alesha said "I was petrified, I thought you were going to strangle me, you were like a ghost or something." David added: "I wouldn't say I liked it but I would like to see what you'll do next."

Carmen Electra gave Geisha a yes too and Simon Cowell loved that she was so "out there" and admitted that he liked her too.

Three yeses and Geisha was through to the next round...

But guess what? Ben Dover found her first! Here is a sneek preview:

Samples from the full movie:

Do you want to see if Geisha really has talent?

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